Download  (DOS32/WIN32, 828 kB)

What's new in this release? (001006)

Here's a little description of the lib (straight outta the unfinished manual):
"This is a library that ties together the DOS and Windows versions of Euphoria with a common API (Linux support might be added in the future).
The purpose of this is to have multimedia applications (games, demos etc) running under both DOS and Windows without having to change anything in the program code. Also, the appearance and behaviour should ofcourse be as similar as possible under both OS:s.

Some features:

Here are a couple of snapshots from some programs that I've written using Jarod:

Snapshot from jtest04.ex(w).

Snapshot from playmod.ex(w).

Snapshot from sprites.ex(w)

Snapshot from fire.ex(w).

Snapshot from ray.ex(w).

Two windows at the same time (click for fullsize).
(On an AMD K6-2 300Mhz / 128MB RAM / crappy gfx card)