A mode 4 plasma effect. Source code is included.

A bunch of simple test roms that test various features of the graphics chip. Source code is included for most of them. May be useful for emulator writers.

An update of my raycasting demo. Rewritten in ARM asm (should work on h/w too :) (29 kB) *

An update of my old fire demo. Rewritten in ARM asm (should work on h/w too :) (4 kB) *

An unfinished remake of an old classic. See the movie. (encoded with DivX 5.03) (2140 kB)

Testprogram for a silly modplayer that utilizes only the 4 gbc-channels (not yet tested on hw). (23 kB)

music cart. A real gba is prefered when listening to it (21 kB)

My latest demo, named Maddness (216 kB)

Download the (not-so-new) Mode0 3D demo [no src atm] (51 kB)

DeCrunch library  allows usage of compressed images etc. Crunch-utility and an example is included (41 kB)

Download the WolfARMstein demo (43 kB)

Download the Around the World demo (30 kB)

A little advertising demo that the webmaster of  www.superfighter.com asked me to do (23 kB)

Download the GBALib pre-alpha (32 kB)

Download the Golden ARMs demo (25 kB)

A little  #gbadev-addy  (18 kB)

A silly  palette rotation effect  (11 kB)

The  Lag demo  (22 kB)

crossfader for mode3  (21 kB)

A (slow) fullscreen-mode4  fire effect  (5 kB)